We all live in a Yellow Submarine...

We've decided to plant our feet firmly on the ground and start saving for a house, we don't 'need for anything' and prior to this decision we didn't 'want' for much either. Now having made the decision to cut the nonsense and put our noses down to save I'm finding 'wants' everywhere I look and tonight, I haven't helped make it easier, having spent several... hours... window shopping on Etsy - I started on the site in the name of 'research' for Hazed, but let's be honest, it was more about what would look gorgeous in our new 'home' that we can't halfway afford to purchase as yet! D'OH!!

To prove to myself that it was indeed 'research', I thought I'd share some of my favourite 'yellow' finds that will surely make it into my 'someday' house!

A gorgeous print by the fabulous Flora Waycott, I can imagine this framed and hanging amongst a photo gallery which would run the length of the hallway...

This cushion could make it into almost any room of the house! Hayley from The Art Room is talented (AND super sweet!) I'm thinking on an occasional chair in the corner of the lounge! But could look just as at home on the bed, or in Brooklyn's room! 

Who doesn't love bunting? I could put bunting in every room of the house - but this cheerful bunting by The Paperbird Society would need to find a home in my laundry - yes you are reading that right! I think it is one space that shouldn't 'feel' utilitarian, even though that is exactly what the space normally is!!

I've been on the hunt for some 'funky but cool' coasters for a while now, and I think these are fitting the bill - I like my things bright and modern - but there is just something about crochet that I keep coming back too. These beauties are by Vintage Ambience.

Now before you get any crazy ideas - no I'm not due to make a 'special announcement' but these last two pieces really are fantastic and should be on the 'house list' for all who are expecting! The gorgeous cot quilt is by Empire Eco Designs whilst the felt mobile is by Maisie-Moo Creations... both designers really are standouts in their chosen fields (as are all of those I've mentioned tonight).

Would love to hear what you think of my window shopping! I quite enjoyed putting this post together - might have to make it a regular event - although don't mention to hubby how much time this took to 'research' he may confiscate the iPad next time I'm near it :P 

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Michelle said...

Nice research! Oh I love the laundry idea! I despise doing laundry, maybe if the room was more fun, I would enjoy it more.