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Let's be honest now, I have quite the affinity with Pinterest - I spend a lot - okay most - of my downtime on the site checking out great design ideas and building a fascinating archive of fabulous pieces. So it made sense that I start sharing some of my favourite ideas over here! Perhaps that might help to inspire you with your next project or craft market? Or perhaps you'll pin them yourself?

I couldn't go past this gorgeous display stand by The Poundshop, imagine the convenience of just being able to wheel it on site, and 'KAPPOW' everything is there and ready to go! 

When I first spotted this on Pinterest I couldn't help but think this Chalkboard Paint would be an absolutely fantastic way of advertising an event or festival - I can't wait to have an opportunity to try this out!

Who doesn't love eccentric and different Jewellery Display Ideas? I think this is a fabulous way for jewellery designers to showcase their wares!

Have you been looking for Interesting Signage Options to entice people at local markets? Be sure to remember that you can reinterpret almost anything with careful styling and colour choices!

Check out this Coastal Sunshine Trestle Table - I love it because it wouldn't necessarily need a tablecloth to cover it. The timber despite it's imperfections is beautiful and of course I love the choice of leg colour - yellow my favourite colour!

Find me and more of my favourite pins over on Pinterest @hazeldesign

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