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Just a Little Bit Cute is my space where I like to share things that have a little cuteness.  I used to say (and still do) ‘awww that’s a little bit cute’ and it kind of steamrolled from there.  Sometimes I get so inspired by cuteness that I go as far to make things usually from upcycled materials and sell them at markets. Sometimes this is where I bite off more than I can chew as time is very precious. What with a part time job as a Product Buyer, Mum to a two year old, wife to a very understanding Hubby who knows all about things that are just a little bit cute (he has heard me utter this enough!) and I not only write for my own blog, but Hazel Loves Design and Baby Bites too.

Right now I am....enjoying the peace and quiet while Miss 2.5 and Hubby have nana naps.

Clicking on...Pinterest

Following...a million blogs and only really reading a handful, that’s why bloglovin is great, keeps me on track!

Thinking about... miniature fairy gardens    and miniature everything, because miniatures are just a little bit cute…..

Listening to...the rain on the roof, very relaxing after a 30+ degree day yesterday

Saving for...renovations – we are waiting for EQC repairs so we can finally renovate our teeny tiny bathroom and so Miss 2.5 can have a bath (and just quietly me too).

Obsessed with... miniature fairy gardens

Reading...gossip mags, am going through one of those phases at the moment where I am getting seduced by magazine covers, reading it in 5 minutes and then feeling a little bit let down and like I’ve eaten too much chocolate cake….a little bit sick!

Doing... This photo a day challenge = makes you see the world in a whole new way, my ‘take time to smell the roses’ project for 2014

Excited about... miniature fairy gardens – my new project, keep an eye out for the latest ‘cuties’ on the market circuit….now where have those miniature toadstools gone?

Most photos by Utterly in Love

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