Time waits for no one

It's true, that's one thing I know for sure - that time doesn't wait for anyone, ever. 

So, take this moment in time, right now... The one that is hard up smacking you in the face, right here and now. And grab it by the balls, grab it as hard as you can. 

And, appreciate it, appreciate this moment and the many other moments of non-consequence and appreciate the shit out of them!

Because every moment of our lives is a moment worthy of our appreciation.

You may have noticed it's been a little quiet in these parts of late, and it is because of these moments. Whilst 2013 brought with it many, many fabulous successes, it also brought about the glorification of busy - and whilst amidst the busy I didn't notice it - too many of these precious moments slipped beyond me and away.

So that's what I'm doing when I'm not about, I'm appreciating, cherishing and holding onto the moments.

I can't escape the busy - much to much going on to escape that - but I can make the changes to escape its' glorification.

My little guy - and the instigator of many a precious moment.


Miriam said...

good for you Hazel - give busy no glory. Give holding and breathing and laughing and cherishing glory - those are the things that deserve it xxx

Leonie said...

These are the moments that make life and you'll remember forever - go you for cherishing it!

Natasha Haastrup-Huang said...

Hi hazel, it's been a while, I know, hope that things are good in your part of the world!! I loved this little post, and as a matter of fact I can totally recognize what you are writing about!!!! With the addition of Baby Lilly to our family, I have become increasingly aware that I am so lucky to be Ble to slow down a bit, work less, take care of her and my family, all the while totally appreciating the little moments that fly by...