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Minsi Design is a graphic design firm based in the South Island of New Zealand, owned and operated by me, Kate O’Connnell.  As well as graphic design I specialise in creating customised prints, posters and canvases for my clients.  I also sell a range of art prints, calendars and posters online and in selected design stores, and paint contemporary female portraits.

Right now I am inside on a rainy windy day with the fire going in mid summer, eating Whitestone Totara Tasty cheese on crackers. 

CLICKING ON: Pinterest, I waste a lot of time looking for ideas for my home and for design inspiration.

FOLLOWING:  Balanced Wellness by Sam Ward Martin, and anything design, vintage and interiors related.

THINKING ABOUT: Where to take my business this year, what to try next, and how I can make some time to start painting again, step away from my mac for a bit.

LISTENING TO: lots of random songs that encourage me to keep running and not stop and walk, ie eminem, lorde, and some others I won’t admit to.  And Matt Corby.

SAVING FOR: A trip to the UK to see Poppy, Dan and Em.  Will only take 10.5 years at this rate.

OBSESSED WITH: Art, design, mid century furniture, interiors, 2nd hand shops, old character houses with tiled fireplaces, navy blue and mint green.

READING: Anything random I grab from the library, Hazed, Homestyle and Your Home and Garden.

DOING:  Lots of designing at the moment, new designs, new ideas.

EXCITED ABOUT: Hopefully renovating another 100 year old villa this year, and moving forward in life and business.

You can also shop Minsi Design on the Emporium. 

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