Sunshine x3

Hi, I'm Leonie and I blog over at Sunshine x 3.  Mostly you'll find it to be my happy space where I blog about my makings, music, cakes, baking and my 3 girls. I'm an "active relaxer" so there is almost always something on the go.   I've found so much support and inspiration from many a wonderful blogger out there and hope to do the same for others.

I'm loving... holidays with my family, summer!, wine and friends and of course all manner of projects.

I'm making...  currently I am working on a memory quilt, a small embroidery, testing paper pieced patterns and designing crochet patterns... oh and joining in on swaps... Mmmm, just a few things!

I'm seeing...  potential and inspiration everywhere!  

What's hot right now... I think handmade is taking off big-time, and supporting local design and art... I have noticed more of this going around.

What's always hot...  Talent - pure clever jaw-dropping talent... can never get enough.

I love... my family and making things for them and for others.

I've just bought... a whole heap of gifts from local talents - so freaking inspiring!

What inspires my interiors is... colour!  I love colour and although not particularly styly our home is full of happy spaces and children laughing.

My favourite thing to buy is... fabric...and yarn... oh and fabric... mmmm, maybe more fabric?

The hot trend now is... cripes, am not sure!  But I know the colour of the year is Radiant Orchard so we can expect to see alot of it this year!

I adore... blessing others and sharing the love.

Inspiring my creativity is... my kids, my friends, things that I see or hear about... it can come from all kinds of places!

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