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Hi, I’m Kat of Flutter from.Kat. I sew, I quilt, I paint, I design, I photograph, I renovate and I write it all down and share it all at www.flutterkat.com. I have been blogging my creative journey for the last 3 years and over that time it’s grown from something I dabbled in hesitantly, to blogging with passion the diary of my life. Now it has become my business. I love the relationships blogging has bought me, the knowledge it’s afforded me (I’m completely self taught by reading other people's blogs), and the fact that my blog is a living breathing diary of my life. I blog the personal stuff as well as the “pinterest worthy” stuff and try to keep my space as real as possible. Thank you Hazel for having me over to visit today – it’s lovely to “meet” you all!

I'm loving... The onset of summer; berry season, long sunny days, and being back in NZ. Having just moved back after 5 years away I’m relishing it! Especially all the fresh fruit and vegetables… they just don’t taste the same over in Perth!

I'm making... Today specifically - lots and lots of key fobs. But this week I’ve fluctuated between hats, market totes, pouches, skirt and top sets, dresses and jewellery. It’s been one busy and productive week as I prepare for 2 upcoming double market weekends in a row. Eeek!

I'm seeing... As I sit here now I’m seeing a lot of weeds in my garden and a build up of housework. But who’s looking – I’d rather go back to sewing ;)

What's hot right now... New Zealand. Returning back here I’ve seen New Zealand with new eyes and have been astonished at the creativity here. Loving it! I reckon we are rocking it on the creative scene. And I especially LOVE all the hot NZ music coming out at the moment.

What's always hot... Maybe I should have put my above answer here. Is that cheating? Haha.

I love... Colour, preferably rainbow colours on white. But I’m all about mixing the colour up together and getting scrappy with it.

I've just bought... I just bought four crafty books with some birthday I had including a few written by online friends. Two of which I’ve been lucky enough to meet the writers in person at a retreat I went to in London. It’s been way too long since I’ve purchased books to inspire me and I can’t wait for them to get here to peruse all that eye candy!

What inspires my interiors is... White, and calming colours. My new house has wood panelling throughout so we’ve just renovated it, painting it all various shades of white and neutral. I love mixing the neutrals up with bright pops of colour here and there – particularly from my home made quilts. I love that they now become a main feature of the room.

My favourite thing to buy is... I seem to buy a lot of ebooks at the moment. Those and fabric would be my favourite thing to buy. I’d be scared to add up how much I spend on either of them!

The hot trend now is... I’ve never really been that “trendy” if I’m honest. I have quite a classic style and love things which won’t date but remain timeless. So I’m probably not the best person to ask on that.
I can tell you that chevrons, owls and foxes are the fabric favourites flying about at the moment.

I adore... Rare opportunities to spend time with my girlfriends, giggle, have a wine, eat junk and watch our favourites on tv. Those nights where you go to bed with your sides splitting and an achy jaw from all the hilarity.

Inspiring my creativity is... My online blogging and Instagram friends. Gosh they are a creative bunch! I also love Pinterest, but I tend to lose myself on there so Instagram is my vice of the moment.

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