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Are you excited about Craft Love Festival? I know that I sure am! Today we get to meet the lovely Bryony of Crazybird Design, not only will you get to see her fabulous work at Craft Love Festival, but she is also one of the founding designers of Pay It Forward!

I live in Canterbury, where there is no shortage of inspiration. I love to work with recycled timber which I source from quake damaged houses that have had to be demolished. Using  colour, texture, vintage imagery and nature's shapes is a great way to show off the natural tones of the wood.  

In some of my work I'm inspired by antique nature art and the beautiful flora and fauna of New Zealand; capturing their shapes, textures and colours by hand burning the images into recycled rimu, kauri, cedar  and sycamore or by intricately cutting their likeness into paper. Other pieces have been inspired by vibrant colour and patterns or vintage whimsy-  whether it be  images from a storybook from years gone by, antique china and artwork or kitsch retro.

What makes your craft unique? I think using materials that have come from such a life changing event such as the Canterbury earthquakes lends a unique quality to my work. Add to that the ever changing elements of the other materials I use, such as re-using vintage textiles, means my collections are always evolving.

Who is your muse? Sometimes my muse is a person or event, spending time with creative people is always inspiring and gives me energy. A lot of the time inspiration comes from shape, colour or texture in nature or in the materials I find. I also love the feeling of giving something old, new life.

What do you love about selling at markets? I love getting to meet the people buying my stuff! Hearing what they like or what they would like me to make. It’s also a buzz, spending a day at a venue where it’s chokka full of awesome things people have made.

What does the term ‘Indie Design’ mean to you? Unique, hand-made, creative, eclectic. The support of the individually hand-crafted item...stepping away from the mass produced.

Where can we find you? On my website, Facebook page or email me -

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