{KIWI TOUCH} Josie Dawson Hand Printed Textiles

I am a Christchurch based textile designer inspired by everyday objects and rituals, nature, colour and the people around me. I enjoy combining my passion for textile printing with my interests in interior design and decoration to create pieces which really have a place in the home.

Right now I am.... Having a lazy Sunday, lying on the couch in the sun with a nice cup of tea.

Clicking on... www.maddieonthings.com, how awesome is this dog?! 

Following... The Design Files, I am totally obsessed with this blog and everything on it. I love seeing all of the creative things people are up to.

Thinking about... Summer.

Listening to... Electric Wire Hustle, I turn it up really loud when I’m printing, so good.

Saving for... My next overseas adventure. My partner and I spent 3 months earlier in the year backpacking around Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. We are thinking India and Nepal next. Or maybe Japan.

Obsessed with... The last season ever of Breaking Bad, I’m not sure how I’ll cope once it’s all over.

Reading... Game of Thrones. I am slightly obsessed.

Doing... Brainstorming new design ideas, it’s a work in progress.

Excited about... Printing some cushions on the beautiful linen I just bought, yippee. 

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work!

This designer is going places!