{KIWI TOUCH} Copper Kowhai

Today we would like to introduce to you the fabulous Mel of Copper Kowhai fame... her work is absolutely fabulous, as I'm sure you'll all agree! My favourite is her ability to transform broken china into wearable pieces... yes you heard right Cantabrians!!! x

Right now I am... sitting in my PJ's after a long night in the studio. The whole house is sleeping and my dog is next to me barking lightly in her sleep - bless

Clicking on... My daily blog reads, Humans of New York, Bleubird, Instagram, Etsy, Felt and Rio Grande.

Following... Wildflowers Photography, Joy Prouty, an American portraits photographer, her husband and four kids have sold up most of their possessions and are travelling to the States in their 1950 spatanette trailer. Her recent instagram post was asking for advice on cloth diapering while on the road! Ha, as if travelling in such a small space with your who family wasn't stressful enough - hey just add more washing to your list. Her blog is honest which I love. 

Thinking about... new designs for a few galleries that I have yet to stock and web page design. My family who all live away. My sisters live overseas and Mum and Dad are on the Coast. I try my hardest to keep in touch regularly but I am a bit slack.

Listening to... Lana Del Ray, I wasn't sold on her at first but her song Ride had me hooked and wanting more, I just love her voice. Hollie Cook for some hip moving sounds. Mat Kearney and Paul Kelly to sing along to. I pretty much love all music and play it all day. Love Spotify! Radio Live when Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan are on.

Saving for... A Forearm Pendant motor. Spending money for my trip to Melbourne in December to the Big Design Market.

Obsessed with... Stationary and containers. Don't even take me near the vicinity of Kikki K, Smiggle of Typo! I'm always looking for ways to organise my home and studio. I am constantly thinking about new jewellery designs, I drift off every night thinking about jewellery.

Reading... I have a couple on the go, The Book Thief, a story narrated by death about a young girl during WW2 and ability of books to feed the soul. And I am trying to get through the Game of Thrones series, but the Television show is catching up with me. 

Doing... My main job is being Mumma to two awesome wee humans Cleo (4) and Bonnie (2). They are my main sidekicks. It's always pretty hectic around here, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Excited about... The Christchurch rebuild. I am enjoying visiting all the cool new spaces around the city. I love that Sydenham is getting a facelift, a nice walk from home and we can enjoy some coffee, shopping and people watching. The arts and craft scene is pretty awesome too!

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Lee said...

Oh yay, so nice to hear about Mel, love her jewellery!