It'll knock out your senses... but in a good way!

On a day where my nose was blocked so badly I couldn't breathe properly it was a wonderful assault to the senses to open my mail and find my first ever solid sorbet bar inside. The bar smelt DELICIOUS!! It was a delight to walk into the bathroom each day for the next week smelling the flavour in the room.  The colours, although a tad on the Australian side were the perfect reminder of the Spring to come. Which is probably the season that this bar will get it's best work out! 

My experience with body scrubs are that they are body washes and nothing more, however this bar packs a punch with a powerful exfoliant only rivalled by that of a pumice stone. It is great that it also moisturises your skin, so no dryness post-exfoliation, so ideal for pre-tan preparation. 

I tested the bar on my two year old son, and his soft baby skin... perfect match, no irritation, no dryness and he smelt great afterwards! LOL!

My favourite part about the bar, the fact you could see the apricot as you use the bar. It reminds you that it is real, not artificially derived from whale fat.

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