Let's Take Hazed to Print

The team at Hazel Loves Design love to support New Zealand's hidden talent and we created 'Hazed' with the aspiration of creating a network of people supporting each other to not only develop their brands and their businesses but also to share their wares with like minded individuals. 

We understand there is a growing desire to reduce mass production and to reduce the purchase of sweat factory style products. With a growing emphasis on products that are sustainable, be they sustainable for the environment or sustainable for the community.

The magazine is a social enterprise, we aim to keep our advertising costs low to allow as many designers as possible to access the medium. The majority of our contributors and stake holders are volunteers.

With that in mind we have decided to take Hazed to Pledgeme a crowd funding website to ask for your help in growing Hazed into a prosperous enterprise.

With the plan to take Hazed to print in Summer 2013 (December 1st) pledges made towards the funding goal will solely go towards the print costs for our first two editions. 

The magazine will have a cover price of $9.95. Should you wish to find out more about advertising costs in the magazine, please email hazel@hazellovesdesign.com for a Media Kit. 

You may not be in a position to Pledge, but I would LOVE if you could still help me to send this viral! I love the community that is Hazel Loves Design and I hope you are able to help us make this happen. Please share, comment and love so that we can take this skyward!!

Love you all! 

P.S. Want to become part of the Hazed team... flick me an email! x

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