Branding for your indie business

What is a brand? It's the promise that you make to your customers, it is how your customers understand who you are, what you make and what you stand for. And what makes you different from everyone else. It's how the who, where, why and how's of your business are defined in a glance.

Today we thought we'd chat about branding and some of the fun things that you can do to help define your brand. We are working hard to define our brand as well, so thought the 'Sharing is Caring' mantra fits in best here too! Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the subject! 

What would your brand talk about if it was at a party? What things could it credibly talk about? And how can it be useful, informative or funny?

These are all quite important questions to ask yourself, and I've been asking myself over the last couple of months. Hazel Loves Design is focussed on the indie design world here in New Zealand, (I think) it can credibly talk about the projects I'm working on in the indie world, crafts and markets. 

Why then, would I post about latest make up fads on my Facebook page? Realistically I shouldn't, and by doing so, I may confuse my fans. Therefore I recently chose to stop my {MAKE UP MONDAY} posts! They might be fun, but they don't fit my 'niche' or my brand.

What is your brands tone of voice? What style is appropriate? And what's not?

This is tricky, I think because of my name including 'Hazel' and 'Loves' that means that it can be quite personal, and it doesn't matter if I use too many lovey-dovey terms to describe the things I adore.

I know it definitely shouldn't be 'Sup Bro... how's it hanging?' although that may suit a different brand following a different niche?

Would love some examples on what you think your brand's tone of voice is (or isn't)! 

Which words would you use to describe your business and what you use. Try the 20/10/4 project:

Choose twenty words that define your brand.
Now whittle it down to ten.
Finally drop it down to four.

Do those four words do a fair job of summarising what you are all about?

What do you want your customer's to associate with your brand/products? What emotions do you want them to feel or to associate with you?

That's easy for me, I want them to fall in love with all of the fabulous indie designers that I find, I want them to love the brightness and originality of the pieces that they see. I want my page to be about discovery of something to create 'Warm and Fuzzies'.

And then, from the designers themselves I want them to feel the 'Warm and Fuzzies' associated with being a part of a community that loves them and their work and most importantly the feeling of support that comes from being involved with this community.

The hard part for me is putting all of these 'Warm and Fuzzies' into action. I'd love to know, what emotions do you hope your customer's associate with your brand? And how do you ensure they feel this when they discover your work? Either online or at a market?

I guess therefore as a round-up, when we think about our brand, we need to make sure that all the where, why, who, what and how's line up. We want to make sure that the feeling they feel about one aspect of our product is felt all the way through. 

Once you've got those emotions in check, then you can look to make sure your visual branding is in line. 

If you are selling a vintage inspired product, what are you doing with an ultra hip logo? If your product is mostly bright, hip geometrics what are you doing with the Kath Kidston inspired floral packaging? But the visual branding will need to be a subject for another day! 

We also found these articles which may help you further...

Now we want to know... what things have you done to define your brand? What tips do you want to offer others? AND... what questions do you have on the subject? Feel free to join in the conversation either here or over on our Facebook page.


Justine redflax said...

This is really interesting! I am in the process of trying to rebrand and have found another name to use, however i am now thinking i need to stay with my original name of redflax, just because i have so much attached to it now - facebook, pinterest, blog , felt online studio - I'm not sure that redflax reflects my new direction though - i am moving away from making upcycled childrenswear to taking workshops in upcycling, and tutoring, and doing diy upcycled craft kits. So that is where i am at - it is good to look over your questions!

raj patil said...

Hi........ nice post.!!
Thank you for giving us important information ofbranding companies