Let me introduce to you the fabulous Tina from 'Roomie- Affordable Interiors, Online'.

Giving stylish kiwis access to high-quality, affordable interior design is the aim of a new online business launched earlier this week. 

Right now I am.... Blogging about Clouds! And planning my escape to Raro.

Clicking on.... Bloglovin makes it so easy to follow all of my favourite blogs - and make sure I am not missing out on anything!

Following.... The Design Files, The Design Chaser, Design is YAY, DesignLoveFest

Thinking about.... Starting my 100 days project - it's going to be pattern madness! 

Listening to.... The rain on the roof... and thunder and lightning CRASHBOOMBAM

Saving for.... New Rugs from LET LIV and Telegram lamps from Father Rabbit

Obsessed with.... Anything to make my bed snugglier (comparative form of snuggly: more snuggly) like Loopy Mango Throws from Milo&Mitzy and Charcoal Waffle Duvet sets from Citta Design.

Reading.... The Colour by Rose Tremain - set in Caterbury pioneering era - all windswept plains and gold rush fever.

Doing... Juggling - always!

Excited about.... Quitting my day job to start this: ROOMIE


Anonymous said...

Love Tina, talent with a vibrant smile x

Milo and Mitzy said...

Well done Tina. Looks fab! Amy

roomie said...

aw thanks Lorna. x

roomie said...

Thanks Amy. and thanks to the lovely Hazel

Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures. I adore the blue painted picture that you have hanging on the wall. This post was wonderful thank you so much for sharing.

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