Be on the cover of Hazed?

Would YOU like to be on the SPRING cover of HAZED magazine? We have a new promotion launching that we would like to invite all of you to become involved with...

You may have noticed each cover of Hazed has a map of New Zealand on it, this season we are turning it over to YOU to vote for what YOU want to see on the cover. 

If you are a designer, would you like to submit a piece to go up for voting? It may be a finished piece, or it may be a design that you would be keen on to work on some more if it gets the 'winning vote'. 

Simply email it through to: and all images will be uploaded into a folder to be voted on through to July 1st. With the magazine getting almost 10,000 hits every issue it is a FABULOUS way to get your work OUT THERE. 

The final design that will be on the cover will include the piece featured in the voting album, but may be a more customised image. For this reason the piece may need to be shipped to HAZED headquarters in Canterbury. 

For all of you 'Non-Designers' -like me- be poised with the 'Like' button!!! And see ya'll over on Facebook for this competition

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