A Little Busy...

Apologies... Huge Apologies... Humungous Apologies!!! 

What for? Need you ask? My absence of course!! Things have been busy, and I have left you neglected and for that I am sorry! 

I promise the neglect won't continue, in fact I already have a whole lot of exciting interviews and things happening in the pipeline! 

So why the neglect? I have been uber busy preparing for the launch of the Winter edition of Hazed on Saturday! 

Not to mention preparing for Encraftment which is happening on Saturday! Hope to see ya'll at the photo booth!

I've also been preparing for the launch of 'The Sweet Rendezvous' on Saturday!

And, preparing for the launch of the Emporium, which is scheduled for Saturday launch... But may push out to Sunday launch!

PHEW! And.... Prepare to hear more about Indies Anonymous this weekend!

For now... That is all I have to say. But, prepare to be inundated in coming weeks! x

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