{REVIEW} Rescuing Jellybean's wardrobe...

There are two things you need if you send your little one to day care, Napisan and Stuck On You labels! I have recently been getting frustrated, and feeling a little bit insulted by the number of Jellybean's belongings not coming home from day care.

I choose to dress Jellybean in quality clothes, sometimes labels. I love spoiling him, despite him being completely unaware of what he is wearing. And the 'Cost-per-wear' ratio has taught me the importance of not leaving things for special occasions, both in my own wardrobe and in Jellybean's.

Needless to say, I have been looking for a naming product that stands the test of time, can handle multiple Napisan baths and still be easily read at the end of the day. To prevent clothes being relegated to no-mans-land at day care! So when I received the Stuck On You 0-5 pack in the mail, I was more than excited to give it a whirl.

The pack included, name labels, shoe labels, clothing labels and a bag tag, all customised with Jellybean's name.

Take this cute pair of shoes for example, I purchased them for him a couple of months ago and they set me back roughly $80! Not cheap! The other week he returned home from 'school' with no shoes on (his Daddy picked him up), I wasn't happy to not find these babies in his bag. Now, with these fabulous shoe labels I won't ever have to worry about that again!

What can I say, the kids a trend setter! I love that the clothing labels adhere to all different fabrics and wash really well too! 

This Country Road top is also one of my favourites, he loves dressing it up with his green skinnys (not that I have a picture, I'll have to get one next time he wears that get-up). About a month ago this top wasn't just left at day care, but taken home by another parent! Fortunately it came home, but it does make me wonder how many other pieces we've lost that way.

Not anymore though! Thank heavens for these labels, I'm going to need to order more, I've got the bug now, everything is labelled, or at least on its way to being.

I'm sure you will love the Stuck On You experience as much as I have, the website is easy to use, the instructions easy to read and the products are easy on the eye! 

Stuck on You have kindly offered to let us give away a 'Stuck on You 0-5 pack' for YOU to try. All you need to do to go in the draw is leave a comment below. The prize will be drawn by random.org on Sunday 21st April.

Make sure you also check Stuck On You out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest it is so great to find a company embracing social media in such a modern way.


Vanessa said...

I would LOVE to try these labels for my Miss 4 for Kindy. Thanks Hazel. :)

locket--hannah said...

My Arlo needs these, his daddy is far to good at mislaying his clothes!

Melissa Reynolds said...

Ooh yes please!! Mr7 and Miss5 are notorious for bringing the wrong uniform home from school, This would great to have. Thanks :)

Fabric Fixation said...

Thank goodness for Napisan is all I can say!! I would love to try these labels for Miss Lilly who is actually pretty good at knowing where her clothes are at pre-school but it's better to be named than lost!!
Thanks Amanda

Tartankiwi said...

I totally need some of these! I'm ashamed to admit that my wee boy's clothes don't have names on them for preschool- naughty mummy that I am!

ayngela said...

Oooooh my wee man has just started kindy and has already lost a couple of items! These would be fantastic :-)