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Meet Genevieve

Six years ago, I started to make my little tiny hankies after having accumulated many yards of fabric over the years (that and miles of retro furniture - but that's another story). After sewing and making the little gems for a while, I decided to delve into jewellery. I must admit, I wasn't optimistic about me with a pair of pliers, but I have proved myself wrong. I love making my bunting necklaces.

Right now I am.... about to update my own personal blog, genevievelikes, while eying up a new pen I got the other day from Kikki.K.

Clicking on... Etsy for the second time today - loving some of the origami necklaces on there....

Following... Darling Clementine and Skulk of Foxes - I love the work of SoF - etchings on wood!

Thinking about... What the heck to make for tea, and how many boxes are yet to be unpacked after EQR repairs.Listening to...a bit of the old style Beastie Boys...

Saving for... a fancy retro bike helmet for my new Pashley Princess Sovereign bike 

Obsessed with... colourful stationery. I am totally hoarder-like with it! I have boxes and cupboards of unused notebooks and I can't bear to part with any of them. One day I expect I will write a part-novel in one, and another part-novel in another..but I can't decide which one to use! :)

Reading... A rather sad book, and a rather happy book. The sequel to Eat Pray Love 

Doing... Going through some fabulous new papers I have just accumulated for my bunting necklace range, but you will have to wait for the Craft Love Festival to view them.

Excited about... Writing an article for NZ House & Garden. It's on a Christchurch interior designer who has exactly the same taste as me. I drooled at his decor. 

Oh, and I am excited about my 1970s retro chair find. Four stunning orange vinyl chairs with white tulip bases. Matches my white table of the same era, bought at auction many years ago. They are set to feature in the sunroom/crafty space I am about to set up again since our repairs. Yellow and white chevron fabric and orange and white furniture. I am drooling again!

My orange chairs with a retro wagon wheel table

One of my Retro Bunting Necklaces

Stationary Obsession
Genevieve Robinson at a craft event

You can meet Genevieve tomorrow at 'Craft Love Festival'! See you there!

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