{Mood Lighting}

Lighting can play a huge part in the overall feel of an event, it helps to create a mood and ambience.

Candles down the side of a walkway or stairs screams elegance, if its for a weekend BBQ or formal wedding.

Fairy light curtains make an amazing photo backdrop. 

This cute DIY idea with jars and dripping fairy lights would look fantastic at any event.

I think this is such a clever use with fairy lights draped from the ceiling to look like a chandelier.  

Tulle draping is always so elegant at weddings but adding fairy lights under the tulle gives it even more of a WOW factor.

Lining you aisle with candles is simply romantic but opt for LED or flame-less candles if you have a long gown or a very formal event where your guests will be in long gowns. 

Another great use for inexpensive fairy lights!

Candles on the table are a great way to light your table, these clear candlesticks prevent the table from looking too busy and cluttered.

Lighting doesn't have to be expensive stock up on your fairy lights now while they are on clearance after Christmas!

Robin xx


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