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My younger sister brought it to my attention that I haven't been showing enough of 'Me' on the blog recently, and... she's right!! Today I thought I would share my own personal 'Kiwi Touch' interview and enlighten you about the voyage that my mind has been making recently...

Right now I am... 

Clicking on... PINTEREST! Ever since getting an iPhone it has become my go-to App! I can't get enough, and those who follow have probably noticed increased activity in your newsfeeds! 

Following... There are so many small up and coming sites that I love following, Rock 'n' Rosie is a newbie on Facebook and a great example of the type of sites I love watching evolve.

Thinking about... There are too many exciting things coming up that I can't stop thinking about! Jellybean's second birthday party, camping trips away, including a trip to a music festival in the Wairarapa, the bloggers summit in Christchurch, the indie design market I'm helping to organise, the bricks and mortar store we are hoping to have opened soon, the online store I should've launched by now... The list is endless, have way too many thoughts on my mind!

Listening to... Of Monsters and Men, a fabulous indie folk band I originally became aware of them through a television advertisement, of all places! But absolutely loving them!

Saving for... A house! We have had a bit of a splurge lately and don't really want for anything much else! Time to buckle down and get saving for that house. 

Obsessed with... Camping! When we lived in Australia hubby was always on my case to buy a tent and go camping, but I just wasn't keen! No way I was going camping near snakes and spiders! Yuck! But this summer we invested in a nice Kathmandu tent and a Coleman Road Tripper BBQ, so summers ahead can be filled with camping fun! We've just come home from a trip to Lake Tekapo and have a trip to a music festival planned for March. Just trying to find the time to fit another trip away inbetween! 

Reading... I've actually only just finished reading 'Coco and Igor' a story about the love affair between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky! I love Chanel's legacy so much and it was wonderful to be able to dip my thoughts into her world.

Doing... finalising the last couple of assignments for my Diploma of Interior Design, preparing the Autumn edition of Hazed and thinking about all the things I should be doing to prepare for the multitude of projects I am embarking on this year!

Excited about... 2013! Seriously! I said to my husband earlier today 'Great things are going to happen this year' and I honestly believe that to be the truth!

Are you keen to do a Kiwi Touch interview? Get in touch: hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com x


Kerry-Anne said...
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Kerry-Anne said...

Hi Hazel,
great interview...have you seen the film Chanel & Stravinsky...so beautiful