Santa Claus is coming to town....

My gift from Holly

On Thursday night the gorgeous Deb of Works In Progress hosted the Christchurch bloggers in her home for Secret Santa. Juliet and Miriam helped to organise the event.

Our Santa gifts were required to be no more than $10 and preferably handmade or thrifted. I made the lovely Hannah of 'Lost Seamstress' fame a punk-inspired snow globe (which was a mini-disaster) and gave a pair of Marc Jacobs earrings.

Holly of 'Holly May B' made me a gorgeous stash of crochet goodies, the crochet pet rock (or paperweight) is sitting on my desk at the day job! I'm sure you will all agree that she is one super talented lady!

The evening was such a fabulous occasion and a joyous opportunity to meet some talented Christchurch bloggers. 

My gift to Hannah

Although with so much chit chat going on around me I did come to realise how exhausted I have been feeling lately, and how even an event that I would normally enjoy and flourish through was making me feel like the shy-timid teenage version of myself. 

I'm not sure where the brave chatty Hazel has gone! But I do wish she would come back!! I'm such an introvert that I really have to work had to have confidence, and when I am tired I really do struggle. I hope people don't think that it is because I'm not enjoying myself! 

I am looking forward to many more blogging events in the future. And really appreciating the opportunity to bridge the gap between online and real world. 

Do you have a personality trait that you find can be challenging? And, have you met any of your blogging contacts in the real world?


Miriam said...

talking too much... that's me I come home and hope that everyone (or at least someone) else got a word in edgeways! Merry Christmas lovely x

tartankiwi said...

I battle with shyness too! I worry that it comes across as rude at times and hate that it can hold me back socially at times.

Hazel Schreiner said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one, my fear is that people think I'm a snob, or worse still 'up myself' because of my shyness!!! xo

hollymayb said...

Wow! I totally understand - I remember the first time I ordered a hotdog over the counter at Wendys, I was 19 and I was so shy I didn't know how to ask for what I wanted. I didn't know what I wanted. My 'boyfriend' at the time was so mean to me about it and put me down in front of the cashier, who didn't understand me either. I was so embarrassed. I remember it so clearly. It was mean.

But now-a-days, I can usually put on 'extrovert' since being involved at a church I've had to. Sometimes I see the shy-me coming out and it's scary. It really is hard work talking to people you don't know and trying to make conversations un-awkward. I think we have a lot in common (not just shyness, lol) :)

And, I think you're really cool!