Charislee Clothing and Avon Evening....

On Monday 3rd December two fabulous girls hosted a lovely retail evening at the Brougham Retail Centre, and I wanted to share with you some photos of the evening...

Anna from Charislee

We recently interviewed Anna for Hazed magazine her work is delightful and always love following where she will be next on her Facebook page. 

Most of the goodies were 25% off, with a 50% sale rack!!

Debby from AVON with all of her wondrous AVON goodies

If you haven't been privy to an AVON brochure recently, I know you will be surprised with the leaps and bounds the brand has taken in recent years, it definitely is a completely new calibre of product.

To see the recent brochure click HERE

I truly can recommend Debby as a great, reliable AVON representative!

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