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Right now the things we are ‘clicking on’ and ‘following’ are…
And the list goes on…

Just lately we’ve been thinking about long hot summer days…cold Rekorderlig Cider, BBQ’s and getting a tan!
In the office we listen to sooo many different types of music…. but at the moment we’ve got Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard, Maxwell and Kimbra on the stereo!
When we have any extra money to tuck away we are saving for…land, renovations, summer clothes and trips to somewhere warm next winter…
Our latest obsession is tassels and neon…loving them both!

Favourite book at the moment is The Eight by Katherine Neville…. I read it 20 years ago and it’s as amazing now as it was then! Set in 1972 and stretching back to Charlemagne and The Moors…it’s filled with chess, music, romance, historical fiction and a fascinating mystery all blended together to create an incredible story!
Right now we are trying to get motivated to do some exercise! With the warm weather just around the corner and our bikinis looking very scary…our running shoes need an outing!
We are really excited about SUMMER! Soooo looking forward to the warm weather, bight clothes and of course gorgeous bracelets…. it can’t come fast enough!

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Maria Camila said...

OMG LOVEEE it all, that skull is to die!

XO, Adropofbiss.blogspot.com