Groom Style

I love this new wave of wedding style for men. Its not just about the bride anymore!
Here are some of my fave groom styles for this wedding season.

I love this look for a spring wedding. Light suit jacket with a pinstripe, pastel coloured shirt and bright bow tie. I do love a pocket square too! Not for every groom but is sure to impress!

Such a fun look!
Suspenders are on trend this year- Love it or hate it??
I love it! Especially styled with this short sleeved shirt and again a bow tie, great for an out door summer wedding the groom will keep cool while waiting for his bride and taking pictures, later in the night throw on a simple black jacket.

Something every groom can do, a simple suit. But its not your average black tie this tan colour would be great for a spring or summer wedding, not as harsh as the black and also not as hot for an outdoor wedding. Looks great against any colour the bride is wearing and sets the groom apart from the groomsman and other wedding guests wearing black suits.

Robin xx


One of my Hobby Blogs said...

of course us girls love this Hazel, I'm wondering what the guys think about it - I'd love to dress like that myself!! haha

Robin Ronowicz said...

Hi Kate, when I was writting this post I asked my husband what he thought and if he would actually dress like this, he said out of all of them he would choose the second to last look because its slightly comical! Would be interesting to get some other male oppinions!