Summer Edition of Hazed....

We are furiously working away on the Summer edition of 'Hazed' and realise that a number of you may be wondering how you can get involved with the magazine...

The theme for the Summer magazine is 'Romantic Picnic' based around the colours of pink, gold and beige and we would love for you to submit your favourite pieces which fit in with this concept, they don't have to be made by you, we are happy for you to submit any pieces made by any of your favourite Kiwi Indie Designers. Submissions for the summer magazine close October 31st 

We are also looking for advertisers for the magazine, prices start at $5 for a quarter page advertisement, which will be placed towards the back of the magazine. Half page advertisements are $10 and full page are $20.

If you would also be interested in advertising on the blog, prices start at $20 for three months, $30 for six months and $40 for twelve months. We have had a reduction in these prices, and the blog will be updated shortly to reflect this. If you haven't already heard we are currently running the 'Kiwi Touch' series, a series of mini interviews with Kiwis and Ex-pat Kiwis from all walks of life. If you would be interested in being interviewed please email us for more information.

Good luck to everybody who has entered the Market Stall competition on Facebook. Make sure you 'like' your favourite before the competition closes November 1st, We also frequently host challenges on the Facebook page to get your product within the pages of 'Hazed', a recent challenge was to share your favourite 'Ice Cream' themed piece. So make sure you pop by and check it out. 

During November we will also be taking submissions for giveaways in the Summer launch competition, which will be run through the Facebook page much like the last competition. If you would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway please get in touch.

Thank you to everybody for all your support and help with this project, we are so thankful for the opportunity to work with so many fabulous and creative individuals. There are a couple of exciting things in the horizon for Hazel Loves Design and this would not have been able to happen without your ongoing support! 

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