{KIWI TOUCH...} Plum Jam

My name is Georgia Barber, head plum at Plum Jam.

I design repeat lino cuts which get transferred magically onto screens from which my partner James & I spend all day, head to toe in ink screen printing. We also print super cool iconic designs for a laugh. We make colourful tea towels, cushions and aprons then trundle them off to local markets and also sell them in our gallery called 'Post Impressions" in Brightwater..an old post office & our home/studio/place of love....

I am also about to embark on a range of duvet covers in the next couple of months...very exciting, a little bit of wee falls out just thinking about it.

Right now I am...

Clicking on... Deezer & Soundcloud, you can never have too much music, also Felt. A fantastic way to shop kiwi.

Following....my heart, the sun, my bank account, my nose for the next inspiring person or thingy!

Thinking About... Pie mostly, but also the next lino cut designs & the next set of products to apply them too.

Listening to... Betty Davis, Rodreguez & Laura Marling mostly this week.

Saving for... New screens for printing, the next amazing holiday, garden landscaping.

Obsessed with... Repeat designs ,ornnament & the new Linda McCartney vegetarian products, those burgers are mental!

Reading.... In The City by Paul Du Noyer, a wonderful journey of the music of London.

Doing.... More tramping, designing, arranging our next shipment of fossils, crystals and moroccan homewares.

Excited about...My new designs, The new range of Plum Jam duvet covers & cushions, Seeing Billy Bragg this 
month in Funedin, life in general & summer!

Pea's & love


mostly monsters said...

G you are FABULOUS!!! xx

Ben@Hammary said...

Wow...so pretty! You are great...