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Zealous Design = fiercely creative 

Zealous Design was born more than 20 years ago when I was at school. Skip a couple of decades then add two kids, I was inspired to sew again. First for my children, which then turned into sewing for friends and gifts, which then grew into a little home business. 

Me with my son popping into the photo. He's my biggest supporter.
He's always telling people 'my mum made that' - love him! 

I LOVE to sew, I find it relaxing, and creating new designs as well as discovering funky fabrics are my passion. Being creative is in my blood and I love to share my passion with others whether it's sewing, graphic design or writing my next novel. 

Cute stripwork dress I made for my daughter - LOVE to make pretty things 
Right now I am…. 

Clicking on… sewing blogs to learn new techniques and being inspired by what others are creating

Following… create kids couture, amazing women that create awesome patterns for kids clothing 

Thinking about… gosh, that could take all day… let's see… I'm thinking about when I can get into my sewing room next and what to sew, I'm thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, next week, next month, I'm thinking about my kids and what I need to do for them… my husband, my Facebook page, my fitness, my diet… it's never ending. My mind is far too busy ;-) 
Who doesn't love Dr Seuss! 
Listening to… 80s music 
Saving for… more fabric to sew more beautiful things :-) 

Obsessed with… my childhood sweetheart (husband) and my beautiful kids  

Reading… Betwixt by Melissa Pearl (it's due out in November but I've been lucky enough to be given a early copy - it's AWESOME) 

Doing… multi tasking: updating Facebook, answering emails and surfing Pinterest :-) 

Excited about… new sewing designs that I want to try out. Are you seeing a pattern yet :-)

My son asked me to make him a tie so he could get married (he's 4) so after he got a million comments about it, I decided to add it to my store - aren't they cute!!

Find Zealous Design on Facebook, Felt and online www.zealousdesign.co.nz 

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