{The Sisterhood} Can you help?

Hi Hazel Friends! 

My name is Sophie and at the beginning of the year I started The Sisterhood, we were to be a small group of women who would be generous and kind and would look out for the needs and blessings of other ladies!People found out about us, loved what we did, and now this small handful of people (including our beloved Hazel!!) turned into over 750 in the matter of months! To date we have LOVE BOMBed over 200 women all around New Zealand, we have sent them chocolates, coffee, pamper vouchers, grocery vouchers, cookies even! Anything that we think will make a particular person smile at a certain point in their lives.

Now, The Sisterhood needs your help. Right now we're in the running for a $10,000 scholarship. 5 of them are being awarded to Kiwis with great ideas. Personally (and I -am- biased) The Sisterhood is the best idea out there!! One of these scholarships is a peoples choice one. So, its up to you! Will you decide who deserves it?!

Will you vote for The Sisterhood to win $10,000!?You can join the Facebook event which is an easy way to share it with all of your friends (seriously, please do!), or you can go ahead and use this link to vote for me, Sophie Laughton-Mutu, and The Sisterhood!Thanks for your support in advance! (Hazel really does have the best readers) 


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