Seriously stripey.

One thing I am seeing more and more of recently is
bathrooms that have a painted stripe feature. 
Have you noticed it too? Or are these images just
grabbing my attention all at the same time?
Is it a new trend that is emerging I'm wondering?

The soft and more classic images below (I think) are just beautiful.

And now for the Black & White combinations ... 

Wow!! See what I mean? 
What do you think? Is it something you would or have done to your bathroom?

If you have a rather plain room, you could easily brighten it up and
add some detail by adding a wide horizontal stripe (as in picture # 7 above). 

Donna   x

All images are from my pinterest pinboard Striped Bathrooms


Hazel Schreiner said...

Donna you are a lifesaver!!! I am so glad to have you on board with the blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! :) Hazel x

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Hazel, every week I say to myself "I'm going to do more for Hazel". And I will :) Donna x

Lee Caroline said...

Some lovely inspiration here Hazel. I've just discovered your blog and Hazed magazine through Vic at Cush and Nooks. Stripes are fabulous and making a real come back in interiors for impact. I wrote a post on an interior design company the other week called Grant Larkin and included an image of a fireplace they painted in wide stripes, it looks fabulous. They styled it with a simple row of green apples. If you check out my blog and put their name in the search you should find the post and image.

I will add myself as a follower, I have already done this on your Facebook page and promoted your magazine on both my blog and facebook page.

Lee :)

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

I love this idea for a small bathroom as I think it's perfect in small doses! I adore vertical stripes - particularly those soft blue and cream stripes with the ladder as a towel rail!

Gild and Grace said...

I've noticed this a lot too. I think it makes quite a big impact :)

Abbey x