Wow Factor Walls

I've been thinking about walls lately, wall art and galleries to be exact.

How to arrange & frame. 
It's all about balance and proportion. Find yourself a series of prints or photographs of a 
similar theme. Frame them allowing a rather large border for impact. 

All images found at...

For those of you who don't know me, I own an online store here
And the reason I've been thinking about artwork and arranging is that I 
have a new collection of prints just in this week. They are Marine inspired coastal prints in 
blue and turquoise and I just love them to bits! 

I can vision these framed in a series and I think they would look stunning! 

I came across a most amazing and informative "cheat sheet" on how to lay out your
wall gallery to perfection. Find it here. It really is invaluable and I really take my hat off to who put the collaboration together. 

Do you have a wall gallery in your home? 
Are you a fan of them, or not so much? 

Donna   x 

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