The Think Tank

I have been thinking a little about the future of the blog and the direction I wish to take 'Hazel Loves Design'.

In the ideal-world I would be turning 'Hazel Loves Design' into a bricks-and-mortar store, but without finding an angel-investor prepared to contribute 100% of the capital that won't be happening... just yet!

My store would be a vision of colour, vintage, handmade and new!

However, what New Zealand is lacking is it's own online magazine dedicated to Indie-designers. Soo... I am going to start one!!! Pretty big call, and it is going to take some planning, but here I am, taking the first step...

Are you a kiwi designer or entrepreneur? 
Do you run a small handmade business?
Are you an ex-pat kiwi designer or entrepreneur?
Interested in kiwi design?
Would you like to contribute?
Would you like to advertise?
Do you have any suggestions for the magazine?
What should I include in the magazine?
What shouldn't I include in the magazine?
Do you have any ideas about direction?
How can I make it better than the in-print magazines already available?

Please email me: to help get the ball rolling!

Also if you would be interested in being my 'Angel Investor' please email me (A girl can dream!)



Miriam said...

There are heaps of great chch based designers and entrepreneurs Nin from The Wardrobe and Sailor Spy would be a great start for a contact xx

kate xx said...

Oh how exciting Hazel! good luck with everything! Looking forward to seeing the first issue!!! :) :) x

Christina of Red Lip Gloss said...

What a fantastic idea!! Good luck lady and I can not WAIT to get a copy of your first magazine


Maria Camila said...

Wow what an amazing idea, I would love to get a copy I'm sure it will be great :)

Newest follower

Xo, adropofbliss

Max said...

I cant help with the other stuff, but i would read it! Good luck with it x