A Cooked Salad

A salad isn't normally cook, I know. But sometimes we need a change to our crispy veggies, and that comes with heat.

What you need to do, and quickly really, is just to sautee them. It's quite simple. Something about warming your veggies gives them just enough contrast--they're still crisp, but just cooked enough to soak up anything you dress them in. I use my favourite: lemon and salt; you can never go wrong. 

For my cooked salad I used cabbage, onions, pepper, tomato and romaine. I didn't cook the romaine because personally I think grilling them would be much better (but that's another post). I added a small spoonful of coconut oil--I seriously think this taste like butter but without the commitment of butter--and added my veggies for no more than five minutes at a medium heat. Then I just arranged them on my plate, dressed them and began to munch! Enjoy.

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