One-of-a-kind throws by Little Dandelion

I saw this post over on Interiors Addict today and just had to share it with you. The full post tells the story of mother of three, Jacqui Fink from Little Dandelion who creates these beautiful, textured rugs on her lounge room floor using giant knitting needles! These mega throws and blankets weigh up to 15 kilos! I'm sure you will agree with Jen (from Interiors Addict) and I, that the philosophy and story behind Jacqui's work is inspiring and something that we could all learn from.

 “Mass production really bothers me. We are mindlessly producing so many things we just don’t need and I find it really upsetting. I have this intense desire to break the mould of sameness and standardisation. I love imperfect, I love living outside the box and I am over feeling constrained by people’s expectations of how one should live.”

For the full story check out the INTERIORS ADDICT blog


Miriam said...

these look so cool - love that she is making from home

Homeware Stores Sydney said...

We have a blanket like that and during a cold weather, we love using that because it can give us a hot feeling through that.