The Sisterhood is preparing to launch it's very first 'LOVE BOMB' to some outstanding ladies throughout New Zealand, and we need as many people as possible to come on board and make it a fabulous success.

What is a 'LOVE BOMB', it is when unsuspecting ladies are showered with love and appreciation, for all that they did in their lives. The nominees are below, and if you have something (big, small, written, made) to donate to the cause. Sophie over at Sophie Slim would love to hear from you.
The names of the ladies have been changed to protect their privacy.

The Deets: 
  • If you are stuck for ideas just ask me, I have a little list for each of the ladies as to what they might find useful or lovely.
  • To protect their privacy (since they don't actually know this is happening therefore haven't given us any permission) I will not be releasing any of their address details. 
  • Therefore, you will need to pay for postage to send to Sophie, and I will be forwarding everything on once it has all been collected in one big LOVE BOMB parcel
  • Even if you feel like right now you can't contribute, a lovely letter of appreciate would ALWAYS go down a treat. We are thinking quality of smiles here people, not expensive smiles.
So ladies. I am loving YOU. You who get up each morning day after day and put a smile on your dial. You who worry about not being too emotional to save your milk for your little baby despite having all the reasons in the world to bawl your eyes out. You who studies late into the night to make this world a better place. 

THANK YOU. for any enquiries. Please like the Sisterhood on Facebook to stay in touch.

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Sophie Slim said...

Thank you Hazel! You're a star! xx