GREY and WHITE in the bedroom

I really truly do have a love affair with grey and white at the moment, just open my wardrobe and you will see that it is true.
 So I can't help but lust after these images, I have actually been talking to my hubby about creating a headboard similar to the one below (probably only one set high, not two)
And I'm thinking some grey and white chevron print wouldn't go amiss either...

The thought of my bedroom including all of these elements really is enough to set my heart racing!! 

What colours do you imagine for your bedroom?

Images sourced from PINTEREST
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kate xx said...

Love it! and love grey and white! such nice serene colours for the bedroom! Love that chevron ottoman too!! :) x

Donna said...

Beautiful collection of greys for the bedroom. And I agree that the Chevron would mix in so well too! Hope you get your headboard. x x

kate xx said...

Haha hazel, im totally procrastinating too! I have a debate to do uni.....who does debates at uni?? seriously!? haha! Hope you get yours done!!! :) x