TYPOGRAPHY in the home

Everywhere you look these days you come across typography

It seems to be the 'IN' thing to have in your home.

I personally have a typography print above the toilet
that reminds me;

"Life isn't about finding yourself,
Life is about creating yourself."

Do you have any typography or quotes in your home?

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SebbyZac said...

Hi Hazel,

My wall space is fully utilized and I realized out of everything hanging, there is not one that is typography. I did find a framed typography leaning against the wall. It says "I shall pass through this world but once, Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any Human being. Let me do it now, Let me not defer or neglect it, For I shall not pass this way again". I'm not sure who the quote is by. :-) See you on twitter.