{Guest Post} Hoots and Kisses

Today we have Suzie guest posting from Hoots and Kisses a gorgeous page I came across on Facebook a few months ago, and also a very cute blog, I am sure you'll fall in love with her wares as much as I did!

My name is Suzie. I have two children Grace and Joe and husband David. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I am a primary school teacher by trade but have had to give up my part time teaching job to home school Joe and Grace who have severe food and environmental allergies. 

I am a bubbly and friendly soul who enjoys a good chat and a cup of tea and some craft time with my friends. As a family we also really enjoy the beach and Dave has been teaching the kids to surf and boogie board and even I have had a turn. We camp at the beach A LOT!!!!!!

Tell us a little about your business... 
Hoots & Kisses is a small boutique business specialising in handmade cards, gift tags boxes and in general, pretty paper things. I love making my owls and I guess they have become my signature really. I have a blog that I share all things new in the world of Hoots & Kisses, a Facebook page where I connect with like minded people and I have a Madeit store. I also stock at a gorgeous store called Evelyn Lily (Evelyn Lily offers rental for handmade designers to showcase and sell their designs). 
Why did you choose to start your own business? 
Hoots & Kisses came about, about ten months ago. I had made and sold a few cards for friends and family and another good friend of mine encouraged me to take it a bit further. I went to a few markets and started the blog and a Facebook page and it has gone from there really. I have just reached my first 100 fans on Facebook and I have many visitors to my blog. I love the personal connection I get with people who visit my spaces and leave comments or hit the 'like' button. It is very warm and fuzzy feeling when people are so encouraging and supportive.

Why did you start crafting? 
About two years ago a beautiful and talented friend of mine introduced me to paper crafting. I was hooked from the minute I laid eyes on my first piece of designer paper. My craft has saved my sanity and when I retreat to my craft desk everyone knows that the cone of craft comes down and I am in my happy place. I know that all of you reading this no matter where you live or what you do, understand what I am talking about. I especially love colour and working with colour. It does something to my soul! It makes me a happy mummy and wife which is a very important thing as we all know.
What do you enjoy about working from home? 
I love everything about doing what I love and loving what I do. Being able to work from home is such a godsend for me. I am unable to work and to be able to earn an income doing something that I love is a gift. I am so grateful and lucky to be able to do what I do. It is hard to be organised though. I am a free spirit and I really struggle with maintaining structure and routine. I am getting better but I have to work so hard at it.

What makes your business stand out from the rest? 
My designs are modern and fresh and very cute (if I do say so myself!). I love that they are simple and not to tizzy, if that makes sense. I also like to think that I offer a personal touch to the business. I want people to feel at home when they visit my blog or face book page. I want people to feel welcomed like old friends. 

I also have the ‘awwwwww’ factor. I love it when I show friends, family and clients a new creation and they go ‘awwww, that’s so cute!’, and that is the result I am aiming for. Spreading a little love and happiness! I know it sounds corny but I want my cards to make people feel the same way I feel when I make them. 
Do you have any specials? Or bestsellers? 
My baby cards with little jumpsuits hung with mini pegs is the most popular seller. My next popular creations are my framed owls. The are soooooo cute. I just love making my owls. They are like a little puzzle of patterns and colours.

Do you have a support network to keep you motivated?
My husband David is sooooooo supportive. I think he likes to see me happy, and 'Hoots and Kisses' makes me happy. He even gives me feedback on the things I make. I know he pretends to be really interested and I think that is so very sweet. He is also quite helpful when I need some feedback on something. The kids are sooooo supportive and they love making cards too. We have some fun together it is great. I have the best friends in the world. I always run designs by them. We actually all can’t wait to share with each other what we have been up to. There is always show and tell whenever we get together. I am one lucky girl!!! 

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