Things I love Tuesday...

Welcome to the FIRST ever 'Things I love Tuesday'. 

Every Tuesday I will be posting my favourite find or finds from the week and I would LOVE to know about the things that YOU love! So I have created a linky list for you to share.

The only rules are that you need to follow me (and why wouldn't you want to!!) and you need to link to a post of yours about things that you love. It doesn't need to be a new post, just a good post!

I am loving this table setting, I found the image on Pinterest, and followed the link through to a dutch website 3Akers, this is from a mess hall in a camp! Like a summer camp for adults! I'd love to go there and check it out, it looks fabulous!!! 

Enjoy finding out about all the things bloggers love!
Image sourced and tweeked from here.


{K} said...

Hi! New follower here. You have a great blog!

Brooke said...

I love that table setting - natural wood tables always have such a gorgeous effect.

I found you via Monkey Do Monday & am your newest follower.


Kim Croisant said...

HI following you now from a MOnday blog hop. I also entered my blog in your blog hop. We need more to enter!!!

Hope you'll fb

Kelly said...

Hi, I am a new follower from the Give It To Me Monday Hop,
I hope you can drop in, say Hi and follow back.
I also have a Monday Hop if you would like to join that, too.

Show Me The Prizes said...

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