Principles of Design

A sensual bedroom

Space; This spaced is quite large, and looks to be part of an old industrial space, the designer has worked the space well to make it feel very intimate and cozy.

Lines; There is a vertical line in the room, up the middle of the bed and into the wall where the largest picture sits, this is balanced by the window vs the chandelier. But also matched by the line of bricks leading to the next space in the home.

Shape; There are a number of square structures in the room, the windows, the bricks, the architraves. These are continued within the shapes, for example the frames and square of the bedsides.

But also softened in the pattern within the architraves, the roundness of the footstool, the chandelier and the globes hanging above the bedside.

Colour; the neutral tones help to create the sensual back to earth feeling within the room. The neutral tones are found throughout the room from the brickwork, the leather of the footstool, the creams of the bedspread through to the colourway of the frames and images above the bed.

The use of white in the ceiling and floors helps to balance this all out (in my opinion).

Texture; In this room texture is very important and implies the sensual mood of the room. Almost every surface and item in this space has some form of texture. 

Obviously you have the animal textures, the rug on the floor, the throw and cushions on the bed and the leather in the footstool. 

Then you also find the industrial textures, the brickwork and the timber used for the bedside table.

As well as the glass textures, found in the chandelier and the glassware and vases on the window ledge, and the series of mirrors above the bed.

Light; The lights in this room are very sensual, there is no dominant overhead lighting, but a chandelier that sits to the side of the room, a trio of very industrial inspired globes on the right of the bed and a reading light on the left.

The different styles of lights can all help to create a different sensual experience within this space.

During the day there would be light filtering through the large window and onto the bed.

Pattern; The obvious pattern in this space is the brickwork. As well as the patterns of the jungle found in the cushions on the bed and repeated in the textures found within the room.

Balance; This room feels very balanced to me, although it has an asymetrical style, however it feels balanced because each side can compete with the other. For example the chandelier vs the height of the window. The trio of globes vs the reading light.

This styling helps to create the relaxed and sensual experience within this room.

Rhythm and Repetition; There is lots of repetition in this room, although not much of it is obvious. For example the mirrors are an obvious choice of repetition, however there shapes and sizes are not. The use of animal textures is further repetition but the lack of identical items hides this a little and stops it from dominating.

Empthasis; the empthasis of this space has to be the bed, it looks like such a sensual space to be in. Although I can't help but be drawn to the image above the bed, she looks like the muse of the space and you can't help but imagine walking into the space and seeing her lounging within.

Proportion; There are a mix of large and small scale pieces within this space. They all compete with eachother to create a balance. For example the tall window and the large chandelier vs the small mirrors and the globes.

Balance; Because this room has several aspects that are similar, it helps to create the feeling of balance, despite the fact that none of the items are identical and there is no symmetry. The use of a neutral colour scheme also helps to create that feeling of balance.

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