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Today we have the fabulous Louisa from Notable Imprint guest posting on the blog, I initially found Louisa's page on Facebook and have been following her ever since! Louisa always manages to find the most gorgeous of images to feature as her updates.

Being asked to be a guest blogger is such an honour – but being asked to blog about my handbags resulted in me doing a happy dance! I don’t really have a lot of handbags, just a few – although I am a known bag hag. I treat my bag purchases as investments; I buy quality classic pieces that I hope I’ll still be enjoying 20 years time. My champagne taste, and no budget {beer budget doesn’t come close!} mean I purchase a bag every two or three years, slowly adding to my collection. Louis Vuitton is a favourite, I have bought both new and pre-owned – my best kept secret is Fashionphile – oh I LOVE Fashionphile! Great pre-owned and new designer items, beautifully photographed, with honest through descriptions and super fast dispatch!

My every day bag, a Louis Vuitton, Neverfull GM gets lugged around to childcare, work, shopping, anything and everything in between. More often than not it is literally dragged around the house by Miss two, equally bag obsessed already {Daddy shudders}. The trusty neverfull always looks fabulous, and it is my best purchase. Although I would love it a little more with a zip closure, it’s hopeless for flying.
Louis Vuitton, Neverfull GM
There is no surprises in my handbag – today being a studio day, it is not the nappy bag it often is. other than some tiny teddy biscuits {a Mummy’s MUST have}.

My phone is always in my bag, cozy in its ambette cover, in my signature {YELLOW LUST} colour, of course! I never leave home without a tape measure, I use if for work, and when popping into op-shops and checking Ebay for vintage treasures.
Louis Vuitton sarah wallet a gift from my husband, roomy enough for all the plastic; I never have cash, just full of receipts. This wallet just gets better with age.

Victor Harbor Farmers Market, my Saturday morning ritual. I grab a coffee from the Pure rema, and stock up on fresh produce, soaking in the amazing market atmosphere. I have a new found love of avocado, thanks to this market!

My most recent purchase when I was in Kangaroo Island for work was this yellow leather coin purse – it’s completely old school, with a compartment for keys. I purchased it from the very well stocked kingscote gift shop {sorry no website}

The gorgeous notebook is by my gorgeous and talented friend, Sarah Epstein of Crackers Art. This notebook is from an earlier range repurposing vintage children’s book covers – this notebook is always in my handbag, I have shopping lists, and some lovely drawings by the little miss. houndstooth pen from TYPO – loving houndstooth right now! Shopping bag from Pad Home – I just adore the colours and pattern.

My name is Louisa Gormley. Together with my best friend and husband Nick, we established Notable Imprint. A small graphic design and print studio, great design is the heart of our work, and we pride ourselves on high quality print. My passion is great design, and to live a creative life. We love our new home on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, and we have established Hello Fleurieu. currently a Facebook page and soon to be launched website– a magazine style blog for locals.

As a self taught designer, I plan to study graphic design next year. I am ready to take the step to formalise my skills. I have only been working in the graphic design and print field for a few years, and I am finding that the more I delve in to this creative life, the more creative I get. I gain inspiration from everywhere, nature, patterns a snail leaves in the garden, the texture of the sand after rain. My love of vintage, especially art deco and mid-century inspire me. The form of the furniture, the patterns in fabric and wall paper – treasures!
This image is from etsy store, MursBlanc. 
This is my favourite quote, and one that I live by. I dreamed for years about taking a leap in to this creative field, having a wonderful husband and family. keep dreaming and keep living.

Sincere thanks to Hazel for trusting me to be a guest poster or her stunning blog. So honoured! 

Love Louisa xox
http://www.notableimprint.com.au/  -  website will be launched this week!


Georgie said...

Beautifully written and a wonderful insight into the face behind the wonderful Notable Imprint and Yellow Lust ;)

Lydia said...

Louisa what a beautiful blog ! I'm so glad you are going to pursue your dream as you are very talented and have so much to share with the world. Dream big , live bigger x

Crackers Art said...

Awesome post Lou - I love it! And you'll be happy to know I also carry round that exact same yellow tape measure constantly in my handbag for the same reasons you do! I feel connected to you. Awww... :o)
Keep it up my yellow lusty love!

Kyrie K said...

Yay! Great read Louisa!

Louisa said...

thanks you girls, I am so thrilled you took the time to read my blog {sorry for the delay, I am not sure why I didn't respond as soon as you posted - very rude, so sorry} And thanks again Hazel for allowing me to post and talk about one of my favourite things, I really am a bag hag! xo

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