Ticking off the list...

I have not been concentrating very well lately, I had all but forgotten about my list of '101 things to do in 1001 days', so very naughty of me! So here is a whirlwind post of all the things that I can cross off the list...

#4 Visit family in New Zealand
I live in New Zealand now, so that was pretty easy to complete, and I just took a week long trip to Wellington to visit the rest of my family.

#7 Visit my niece Isobella
Again another relatively easy one to complete. I am currently living with her!!!
Thank you cards
#42 Send out more Thank You cards.
I definitely don't do this enough. I did send three out just recently to people that helped me a lot before moving from Australia to New Zealand and the period of recover post-operation! So only seven more to go on this one!

#49 Invite 5 fellow bloggers to guest post on the blog
You must've seen my 'BAGS BAZAAR' series... mission accomplished on that one

#53 Have five regular advertisers on 'Hazel Loves Design'
ONE down, four to go!

#72 Enrol in University
I have officially enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Management and Marketing starting in February 2012!

And there you have it, a number of things off the list! 
What have you struck off your 'To Do List' lately? Is there anything coming off your list soon that you'd love to share with me?


Cadence said...

What a fantastic thing to do! I need to make a list but I have to say that top of my list is talk with bloggers more and just blog more in general!

georgia~gigi said...

A Big Hello and Hug to you Hazel Love!!!!

I hope this list has got you out of your funk :)
Nothing worse than being in a funk!

I am happy to hear you got to spend time with your hubby!

I am so excited for you and your new school adventure :)

Sorry I have been such a flake lately! I almost forgot about my guest post. Do you still want me?
Lots of love
gi gi

Shiloh said...

Anytime New Zealand is on the list, it's a good day!:) Thanks so much for stopping by!:)

chateaudelille said...

Good on you. You inspire me to do the same. just found you so will come explore again real soon. Fiona