{BAGS BAZAAR} Little Muse

Today we have Damara from Little Muse guest posting on the blog, I hope you enjoy having her and pop over to check out her wares (I promise you'll love them).
Can you be 'in love' with an accessory? I fear I am. I have a deep and profound attachment to my Kathy Van Zeeland handbag. And why wouldn't I? It's super-sized, it's comfortable, and I can wear it with anything. In fact, I lust after many of Kathy's designs. I bought this tan beauty 2 years ago, and when I'm not sporting a nappy-bag, this pretty girl goes everywhere with me. I will hold onto her until she falls apart (or I do, haha).
If you peek inside, along side the gorgeous deep lilac lining and a number of scrunched and faded miscellaneous receipts, you will find my purse (there's never any money in it), my iPod, a Nivea lip balm (essential), sunglasses and possibly a pen (the pen-goblins are always stealing them so maybe not). Tucked neatly into the zipper pocket on the inside will be my phone, and safe and secure and for easy access my keys are in the outside zipper pocket - sweetly detailed with a gold crown dangling from the zip. Kathy is a genius! She really has thought of everything.

I do have my eye on a new little yellow KVZ number, but keep that on the down low.

Hello. My name is Damara. Mother, wife, artist... Little Muse. Born out of a desire to provide a more modern alternative to nursery art, my Little Muse is continuing to grow and develop. My inspiration comes from many places and in many forms. Often if I do not catch an idea in my sketch pad it flutters away and sadly I may not see it again. Yes, it may once more peer out from the branches of a tree, or swoop down quickly and then flash away, but often it is not the same.

"Be the change you want to see in this world" (Mahatma Gandhi) are words I live life by. My only ambitions for the rest of this year are to live, love and nurture. There is beauty in the simplicity of the everyday.

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Andrea Reh said...

I love that Gandhi quote - he was truly a man of infinite wisdom.

Andrea x

Torie Jayne said...

Great quote! Have a sweet day!