{PLACES TO SEE} Isle Of Crete

Passageway to the sea
Doesn't this look like such a gorgeous entrance to the ocean? Makes you wonder how long it has been there for? And how many people before us have enjoyed it so. This space has inspired me to consider the historic modern home. 
Historic Modern in Tel Aviv
I couldn't look past this house, a beyond stunning example of the historic modern home. Located in Tel Aviv and designed by architect Pitsou Kedem, the centuries old facade hides the contemporary touches and luxuries. The home also overlooks the water (just like our image from the Isle of Crete).
Sleek Modern Kitchen
Historic Defence Tower, Suffolk, England
Another gorgeous example of a historic modern home, this defence tower was rescued by its' owner and turned into a modern wonder. With creative use of architecture ensuring all modern conveniences are within the walls of this home.
Love the use of windows to ensure light in the space.
I am beyond sure that neither of these homes are within my budget. But I do know that I am capable of purchasing antique pieces and up-cycling pre loved pieces for use within my home. Do you have a favourite piece in your home that has been inherited? Or up-cycled?


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Andrea Reh said...

Our house is over a century old. Before it became incorporated into the city it was a grand farmstead - complete with a dairy factory in the basement! On one of the pillars, some farmhand long ago recorded how much milk they'd sold that day. It always makes me smile.

Andrea x

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Oh my gosh! I want to be there right now!