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Gallop Lifestyle have recently started stocking some gorgeous shower curtains, one of my favourites in the range (mostly because it is also my son's name) is the Brooklyn shower curtain, so today I thought I'd explore a little bit into the interior and architecture scene within Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Shower Curtain
Here is what I discovered...
Five Leaves in Brooklyn
This restaurant was designed by John and Kevin McCormick and is divine, interestingly Heath Ledger was also an investor! I am in love with the blend of antiques with timber and industrial fixtures and completely adore the circular display of liqueurs behind the bar.

61 Local
I was also surprised to find this cafe/bar with very similar styling, again with the focus on industrial style fixtures and timber.

Brooklyn Interiors Inc
The team at Brooklyn Interiors Inc. have managed to seamlessly mix a blend of antique and new piece in this lounge room, it looks completely divine, and yet again there is a focus on timber, both in the floors and on the feature work.
Brooklyn Interiors Inc
In this image the same team have taken an ultra modern workspace and added antique furniture! But yet it seems to work really well. This image doesn't have such a focus on the timber elements, but love the use of the polished concrete.

There are so many more images that one could explore in the world of Brooklyn architecture and design, but in my short study I have learnt that industrial vs antique is the key to getting it right in Brooklyn.

What would I do to bring a little bit of Brooklyn into my home? Buy the Brooklyn shower curtain of course!! After all I believe it is designed in a way that can be quintessentially associated with Brooklyn.

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Thanks for stopping by! Just wanted to tell you that you're my 50th follower (how did that happen!?!?) I think I'm going to have to give something away now :)

Beach House Living said...

I like the seating at the Five Leaves.