Black and White always Delights

I just LOVE black and white, it is absolutely NO secret, for years my home has been decorated in this colour scheme, and I fear adding colour to it! I actually have an aversion to colour in my wardrobe too! Anyone would think I could only see black and white. I had a friend who told me once that she dreamt in black and white.. sounds like a fib to me, but I dream ABOUT black and white! And here are some gorgeous images that cement my love...
A space to delight the senses! I absolutely LOVE the birdcage!
LOVE the glass displays in this space
OH MY! To have the courage to use that wallpaper! LUST!
LOVE the table!!


Kymmie said...

So striking isn't it? I don't think I'd ever tire of a house this beautiful!


Kirsten said...

LOVE black and whole house is decorated in those colours (except for my daughters room) and like you, I have a major problem with adding colour of any kind! Thanks for the gorgeous pics!!

ajg-jane said...

Your images are beautiful...I just painted dining room black!