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Hi, Everyone! It's Debby from Inspired Design. I love Hazel and am thrilled to be here participating as a guest blogger for her fabulous blog. Thanks so much for inviting me to take part, Hazel!

A Girl And Her Handbag
Last Christmas I received the Kate Spade Bow Regard Maryanne as a gift and I absolutely adore it. I receive countless compliments on it and it is made so well. The interior is a beautiful beige fabric flecked with shiny gold polka dots. I am completely loyal to Kate Spade when it comes to handbags and am currently coveting all of her book clutches. I don't switch out handbags to match outfits. I usually just find one I love and use it daily until it either wears out or it's time for a change. This bag has plenty of room to house my wallet, checkbook, day planner, assortment of lipsticks and glosses as well as my iphone which is enclosed in an adorable animal print case from J Crew.

Where I Draw Inspiration From
I am usually most inspired when I am doing something creative. Inspiration is everywhere. Travel and exploring new places and cultures filled with people and food is always so eye opening and inspirational to me. Sometimes just getting outdoors and enjoying nature and all of it's splendid sights, sounds, and scents can be very inspiring as well as clearing my head! I must not forget bloggers... there are so many wonderful and creative bloggers who inspire me each and every day!

My Favorite Quote:
I love this quote by Coco Chanel so much that I actually have it at the bottom of all of my posts. It is just a reminder that we are all unique and it's within our own uniqueness that makes us special and allows us to really shine. It's good not to follow the crowd, it's important to march to our own beat. Every trend does not have to be followed. True style is being comfortable in your own skin and knowing what works for you.

 Inspiration For The Rest Of The Year
This quote says it all for me. This has been a year of many personal challenges and difficulties to overcome. I believe none of us are faced with more than we can handle and we grow and blossom with each of lifes challenges. My goal is to live my life without regrets. If I see a chance at happiness, I am going to take it. I refuse to let my fears hold me back. Life is too short not to enjoy living it!

So, tell me.... what is inspiring you these days? xoxo


Eneia said...

Love quotes and love the one you shared. Living life happy sounds simple and when we strip down to it, it can be. We only make it hard. Love the bow on the Kate Spade nbad, very femme! :o)

Debby said...

Thanks for having me Hazel... it was fun!! xo