{BAGS BAZAAR} The Golden Goose

Today we have Leah from The Golden Goose posting on the blog. I first discovered The Golden Goose on Facebook and find their status updates to be fantastic and amusing!

I love the businesses' philosophy, the use of social media and how Golden Goose can help develop and capture your brand. Pop over and check out the portfolio, I believe you'll be positively INSPIRED to send your business in the right direction! 
Fiorelli Handbag
How many bags do you own? One! Had a big de-clutter of the wardrobe, got rid of them all and bought a new one. 

How long do you generally hold onto a handbag for? Two years.
Do you keep your mobile in your bag? Yes.

Where do you find inspiration? As a designer I'm inspired by anything I see. As a business owner, I'm inspired by other business owners.

Favourite quote or metaphor that you live your life by? 
Talent is God given. Be humble
Fame is man-given. Be grateful
Conceit is self-given. Be careful
- J. Wooden

What is your biggest aspiration for the rest of the year? Busy working away in the business, while planning Jolly Solo a Christmas Party in Sydney for business owners who work by/for themselves. Last year was fantastic, 2011 will be a bigger event.

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Leah Klugt - The Golden Goose said...

Thanks for having me, Hazel!