It is all about the flower!
It is Fashion Friday on my Facebook page, so when I came across this image, I was inspired, how does fashion inspire our homes? Debby from Inspired Design does a series called Dress to Decor which always inspires! I just hope this post inspires you...
Oh to have this wardrobe space
Eccentric spaces, Inspired? or Ugly?
Love having quotes within my home

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Heckety said...

Definately the hat, actually, definately the first photo enlarget and framed on a wall as I love pictures with water in. Also yes to the quotes, used to do calligraphy so I've several on my walls, also the purple cushion in the middle photo...not sure about the rest...

\i think rooms can be like stage sets sometimes, like Christmas, or a special occasion, and should be dressed accordingly, even if its just moving things around for effect. We have great fun changing things around sometimes!