Mirror, Mirror...

I found this image on Flickr and I'm in love with these mirrors, does anybody know where I can find them? Or something like this?


Poppy said...

They're from Graham and Green apparently. It looks like they're out of stock though. =/


I found it by searching on tineye.com
You copy the link location of the photo, put it in tineye and it finds what other websites that photo is posted on, so the theory is, it should take you to the shop!

Naturally Carol said...

Interesting that they are called 'mirrored angel wings' 'cos that is exactly what they look like..angels wings...not that I have ever seen an angel myself...though some people I know have!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

so neat

Teresa Choplin said...

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Rumtruffle said...

Wow great mirrors, can't help with locating them but can understand why you want tehm, good luck with you hunt!
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Wishing you a Happy Christmas
Helen x

Kelly said...

I wish I did - they're fantastic!

Firoozeh Maalizadeh said...

So original! I think they're beautiful!
Thanks for sharing,