I bid thee farewell... for now!!

Don't panic despite my absence this week I'm not leaving the blogging-world, however I have just dropped my husband off at the airport, I won't be seeing him again until it is well and truly summer! 

We've decided to move to Melbourne in the New Year so he has set off to start a new job and set things up for us down there before I move down just after Christmas. It is really sad that so soon after the wedding he is going away, but I completely understand the reasons which makes it a little easier. 

I've got my fingers crossed he will be able to make it home in a couple of weeks for my birthday, but we will have to wait and see!! 

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Toga party for my good friend Charissa's birthday so very excited about that, although nervous about hosting a party without Brad here for support! 

Now that Brad has gone I'll be able to catch up on what has been happening in blog-world, I feel I have been rather slack about it since the wedding! But I promise to be better! Speaking of the wedding STILL waiting on the photos, but I have another couple that an Uncle took that I would like to share. Enjoy!!
And have you checked out the new Facebook Page??


georgia~gigi said...

Oh Hazel you are just beautiful! Love the pics so much!
I am sorry your hubby has to be gone for awhile, just remember it will all be worth it!
Lots of love sweet girl!
gi gi

Heckety said...

Gosh that's hard on you- keep busy to speed up the time. Beautiful veil- you look just lovely!

Allison Joy said...

Stunning! I am SO looking forward to seeing more wedding shots! Check out the Pronovias bridal fashion show I went to!
MANIC in The City